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TypeCloud Pricing
Let your business grow faster than costs.
All plans include a one-month free trial.
For Indie Developers & Small Projects
An ideal choice to start a new SaaS product or create a small in-house web application for your company.
$5 / mo
50 000 credits and 1 developer included.
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$19 / mo
300 000 credits and 1 developer included.
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For Small Teams & Young Companies
Ideal for growing SaaS products and public-facing business CRM-like TypeScript applications.
$49 / mo
900 000 credits and
2 developes included.
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$99 / mo
2 000 000 credits and
3 developers included.
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$499 / mo
15 000 000 credits and
5 developers included.
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For Large Teams & Enterprises
Be confident at scale when your products succeed.
$2 999 / mo
100 000 000 credits and 20 developers included.
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Contact us for higher volumes.
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Credit Consumption Rates
Pay only for what you consume.
Static Hosting
1 credit per request.
NodeJS API Hosting
1 credit per request.
NodeJS Job Hosting
1 credit per computing second.
Cloud SQL Database
1 credit per SQL second.
10 credits per Mb stored.
1 credit per Mb transfered.
Cloud Email API
10 credits per email sent.
10 credits per 1Mb of attachments.
Cloud File Storage
10 credits per Mb stored.
Cloud Image Processing
1 credit per 1 Megapixel processed.
Cloud CRON Scheduler
10 credits per invocation.
Boost Your Productivity and Save Money
Create and deploy auto-scalable TypeScript apps in minutes.
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