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From Local TypeScript Development to
Auto-Scalable Cloud Deployment

Create and deploy serverless TypeScript apps in minutes.
Getting Started

The Developer Experience You Deserve

Develop your TypeScript applications locally
Don't waste time learning and configuring complicated serverless environments or microservices. Use the tools you love.
Deploy your apps to the cloud via a single CLI command
Focus on your business tasks and pay only for what you use. We manage auto-scalable and secure cloud infrastructure for you.
Monitor and manage your apps in a simple Admin Dashboard
Always have an up-to-date picture of how your app is doing. Track errors, manage users and analyze the data your app generates.
Auto-Scalable Static Hosting
Free HTTPS and a global CDN for your frontend.
Angular loves and promotes TypeScript as well as TypeCloud does. Deploy your Angular frontend to the cloud with ease.
TypeScript becomes popular among React developers. Take a moment and get it to the cloud with TypeCloud Static Hosting.
Vue.js, as a rising star, integrates with TypeScript smoothly. TypeCloud will be in charge of hosting your Vue TS application.
Auto-Scalable NodeJS Hosting
No more backend deployment and scalability pains.
Build NestJS applications using TypeScript and host them in our scalable and cost-effective cloud.
Deploy your Express NodeJS application to the cloud with a single CLI command and zero maintenance hustle.
CI/CD Enabled
Run unit tests in your local or cloud testing environment without wasting money on any production-ready infrastructure.
Auto-Scalable Cloud SQL Database
Zero configuration and DB instance maintenance.
MySQL & PostgreSQL
Get your cloud-based auto-scalable database cluster of the most popular database engines. No per-instance payments.
Use TypeORM as the best ORM for TypeScript developers and seamlessly connect it to TypeCloud.
If you target Sequelize as your TypeScript ORM, TypeCloud supports it perfectly.
Auto-Scalable Cloud File Storage
Performant, scalable, secure, and cost-effective.
Flexible Access Control
Make your files and folders accessible only by those who have corresponding permissions.
Organize Files in Folders
Store your files in virtual cloud folders with flexible custom security settings.
Expose Files via HTTP(S)
Make your files downloadable via their public URLs. Enable CDN if required.
Auto-Scalable Cloud Email API
Send transactional and marketing emails like a boss.
Password Resets
Allow your users to reset passwords and get a reset link via email.
Email Newsletters
Send your company newsletters and announcements.
Marketing Campaigns
Promote your products and services via email.
Auto-Scalable Image Processing API
Resize, crop, convert, and serve images via HTTP.
Process Images On-the-Fly
Save money by lazy processing of images on an end-user request.
Resize, Crop, Convert and More
Create thumbnails, apply watermarks and perform other image transformations you need.
Create Image Processing Pipelines
Apply several image processing operations, one-by-one.
Cloud CRON Job Scheduler
Schedule and execute recurrent tasks in the cloud.
Send Notifications & Reminders
Send email or SMS notifications to the users that meet some specific conditions at a particular moment.
Charge Users for Subscriptions
Implement your app billing workflow according to the subscription plans of your users and the payment gateway you use.
Trigger Background Jobs
Run your custom background jobs. Clean obsolete data, fulfill user requests in the background, process large amounts of data.
Boost Your Productivity and Save Money
Create and deploy auto-scalable TypeScript apps in minutes.
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